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another month has gone by, and now I guess it is time for another post.
Lately my life has consisted of work, work and work. That is the joy of working in retail during the holiday season. I had no idea a managerial position would be as time consuming as it is. Not that I am complaining, I just feel that work is never far from me, and that I never truly get a day off.
It is fine. It is my job, and I love the company I work for. One of my favorite people has started working with me, and this is wonderful. She and I are similar in many ways that I feel different from others. it is great to see heather more.
Ryan and I are going strong :) I love that boy. he has been very patient with my hectic schedule.
We have started hanging out with our friend Steve alot more, which is great.
I have also been seeing my sister much more... a product of Ryan and my brother in law bonding over playing music together. My sister Jen and I have always been close... in spirit if not always in person. It has been great to see her more often
I have gotten 2 more rats, making it a grand total of 3 now. These animals are adorable and bring me a ton of joy. Kayla has yet to meet the new ones but will on thursday :)
Getting over Mingus' death has been hard. very hard. I still miss him and I have dreams about him. I still feel that somehow I failed him. I will never forget that little guy, and I am planning on getting a tattoo of him on my hip. I know some people will never understand, and think I am crazy... but honestly I dont give a shit. my love for animals, and especially my love for him, I can't and will probably never be able to explain.
but yes. today was christmas, and it was a good but tiring day. I have a great family and so does Ryan. The day was spent with both, separately, and was really nice.
With that said, I am exhausted. I am going to bed.
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